Foreign Love


Today I spoke with a lady who was from France and she had mentioned that she told her “guy” to fuck off. The second I heard those three words, I already knew I wanted to be apart of the conversation. I turned to her and asked, “what did he do to you”? she responded, “I am French and French women are very passionate. I believe he took my passionate characteristic and turned it into me wanting commitment”. She rambled on a bit and as I kept listening she said, “I don’t want to just lay with anyone, when I am with someone I want that connection, someone special that I could share that intimacy with”. I’m assuming that he saw that she wanted a bit more from him and it scared him. Unfortunately, men are men and its unfortunate that women are women. Its vice versa but ladies we need to be choosing the right person we are giving our time to. It is imperative that we do not waste time on someone who can pardon my French; give three fucks about us. When dating different men, have standards. Know what you like, want,  and need in a man. Don’t ever throw away your standards. I don’t care how hot, charming , or beautiful this man might be because men think for themselves and it ought to be the same way with you. Men don’t have a problem staying focus on themselves and let me tell you when a man sees that you take interest in you meaning confidence in who you are; they melt. This French lady knew her intentions but chose a man that was out of her standards in turn he ran off. Know what you want and stand by it.

Art by Mike Bell


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