Silly Boy 

Straight to the point: Ladies don’t revolve your life around a man who doesn’t revolve his life around you.
I understand as a woman we go through the phases. The phase of being in love. The phase of having a crush. The phase of being broken hearted. I have seen it and have been through it. Ladies it is vital that we learn and appreciate who we are as women before we bring a man into the mix of our things. The difference between women and men is men think about themselves- at all times. Whereas women we have nurturing characteristics. This characteristic is good to have but all in moderation. When a man comes into our lives, you need to learn him, observe him, and see if he fits your standards. Do not fall in love quickly, take your time to know who this mystery man is. One thing you don’t want is to give in to quickly and be let down. Men have no problem in focusing on themselves and what pleases them. You should think exactly the same. Ladies be the best version of you! Travel! Enjoy life! Men will always be there but your time is valuable. You will always have you.


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