Save Yourself

Displaying IMG_1942.JPGI recently was listening to a podcast called, “Mentoring Moments”, a Forbes podcast hosted by Denise Restauri. She interviewed Ingrid Vanderveldt which if you have not heard about this brilliant and humble woman, I will inform you. Ingrid Vanderveldt is CEO of Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 movement. EBW 2020, for short, this organization gives women the ability to get resources and mentoring in making their business successful. Now a days, we all have visions. Visions without support and resources. Fortunately, EBW gives us just this. She also was a leader and creator of $100 million dollar fund for Dell. As I listened to her, one thing that stuck out to me was how much she serviced individuals. Ingrid never gave up on her calling and even when she was in her low of lows she had support to uplift her. It is important that we surround ourselves by people who have our same views. If your goal is to be rich; you should be surrounding yourself around people who have lots of money and can talk wisdom into your life on how to achieve that kind of success. Ladies if you have a dream; you need to be your dream. There is no time to sit and let time past you by while the next person achieves theirs. You need to have that perseverance and motivation to know you will have what YOU want. I believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself. Like Ingrid said, “Recognize and allow to feel yourself in the situation that you want. If there are negative thoughts that come your way; say to yourself, you are not invited”. The struggle is real but if you want it bad enough; the universe will grant it.








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