Life Lessons

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Do you enjoy your life to the fullest? Are you doing what you have dreamed of? This is something that I have been struggling week by week. I am not doing what I was placed on this Earth for. I see more of myself than a restaurant manager and all I want is to help people become who they are intended to be. Some people are made just to be a body on this planet earth but have you thought about the legacy you want to leave behind? I came upon a YouTube video by LifeHunters titled, “Life lessons from 100-Year olds”. One of the gentleman who was in the video said, “I don’t have many failures; if I am making a cake and it fails it becomes pudding”. It’s all about going through life but seeing the beauty and staying positive throughout every outcome, opportunity, and failure. Never to think that it is the end of the world, if something doesn’t go as planned. Life moves on and we have to enjoy every moment that we are given. Please understand that you are a valued individual and you have a purpose. Never give up on yourself and cease every moment that is given to you. Become the best you. Here is the link to the video:


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