Getting out of the rut

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I go through my highs and lows of motivation, productivity, and focus but what if we were to never go through the lows and we just focused and stay motivated at all times. Where would we be today? Being that I am a single mom of two and working in the hospitality industry; I have realized that being a manager for a restaurant is not what I want to be doing. What do I want? I want a life of fulfillment and purpose. A life were I leave a legacy behind because I supported and helped people to get to their best version of themselves. I want to live my life on my own terms and be able to take my children to school and enroll them in sports and be able to go watch them. How would you like to see your life? Where do you want to be in a year? It is 2017, ladies and gents! Do not forget what you promised yourself when that clock turn 12:01 am January 1. Don’t give up on yourself! In the land of technology, you can learn to do anything but it takes dedication. I have a friend who told me- what are you doing today that is going to change your future and I have to say, I am at fault for this. I want the best life for you; want it for yourself. Keep it up! What will you conquer today?


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