So.. I am not a great writer…

But I have to say I am passionate about helping others through my writings. I have been going through an attunement with myself in learning about a ton of things and I have to say I feel enlightened. Just a few months ago, everything I thought about, did, felt, was negative. This is what I know now: Being in the present than thinking of the past and future puts into perspective on going about our day to day. For example, I have been in a relationship for 3 years known this gentleman for 11 years, the third time of us dating, and he has still yet to pop the question. Mind you… I have two children and a sense of security…would be nice but what I have come into realization was why am I worried about getting married and why am I not using that energy towards my happiness. I believe, at least for myself, everyone has a timeline in their heads of when events should happen in their lives and I did this to myself but I have changed my focus to enjoying the present. I ask that everything you do today, take a deep breath and exhale out of your mouth and enjoy where you are at– this present moment.





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