Speaking of living in the present…

So… before we begin someone told me the other day for someone who does not like to watch tv surely is hooked on Netflix. TV will never be the same. Moving forward, I saw this movie today called All We Had, its about a mother who tries to give her daughter a better life. Not only was Katie Holmes in the movie but she also directed and produced the film; she did a great job. Throughout the movie there were outstanding quotes which I want to share with you. Here they are:

Hanging around shit; shit gets on you

Life is a ladder, every step we take is either up or down

Compared to the size of the universe humans are one billionth size of an ant

What I like about chess is you can learn as you go along and you can’t win by just only making forward moves, sometimes you have to take a step back, win or lose a few pieces to move forward. You have to be patient.

Don’t ever be discouraged of were you are at now, everything takes time, and you have an amazing life to live.



Indulge in the present,



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