Why do we keep our mouth shut if we have an opinion? Why do we lack self respect and confidence? Why do we fear in making spontaneous decisions? Why do we give up easily on our potential? La vida es corta. It’s true life is short and if we keep doing the day to day routine; we will never see the true beauty of what life really had in store. Get out of your comfort zone. Take that tango class you’ve been wanting to take. Take a trip to Colorado by yourself. Learn to love yourself and accept yourself as who you are. We all get caught up in what the media says beauty and fame may bring but they seem to always forget that it isn’t only about that. Happiness within ourselves is success alone. Never stop evolving into the person you ought to be and if you need to start all over again, then so be it! Everyday is a new day and you get to choose your reality. You get to pick how your life unfolds. There is nothing more beautiful than to know who you are. Never stop evolving.